What will your guests remember most about your destination wedding reception? It won’t be the food or the color of the flowers. It will be the music that made everyone get up and dance so that is why music is one of the most important things to think about.
As a wedding DJ I recommend obviously to choose your favorite songs but also to think a little bit in your guests, think what they like based on their age and where they live and add a couple those songs to your list. For example if a few guests are coming from Texas then a couple of country songs will make them dance. If your aunts are in their 50’s a few Disco songs will make them very happy. They are spending some of their time and money to be with you and honestly I think it is nice touch to play some of their favorites as well.
And about the “classic cheesy wedding songs” a couple of them won’t hurt and to be honest everybody loves them! Especially if I play it at the right moment of the party. Please check the following video to see what I´m talking about
I guarantee you that all these guys will remember these parties for life!!!


DJ Joaquin

The Shout Effect

Posted by Pacific Sound on Tuesday, August 29, 2017