In October 2006 I did my first gig as wedding DJ, I can’t believe it was 11 years ago

It’s been 1262 corporate events and destination weddings so far.

I have played in almost every resort in town and in a few others in cities nearby.

All of my customers are equally important and I am proud to say that I’ve played for many celebrities along these eleven years like George Clooney, Jessica Alba and Adam Levine at El Dorado parties just to mention a few.

And I’ve played for Tracy McGrady, Jon Cryer and Ioan Gruffudd on their weddings among others.

I am also proud to have played for four wedding coordinators in their own weddings as well and they can’t be wrong in choosing the DJ right? ;)

Very grateful for having the opportunity of do what I love most and looking forward for the next wedding at the end of this month and 5 more in November and ten already booked for next year!


wedding DJ in Cabo